Updated 5pm Sept 27.

Only book a court at LPTC if you agree to follow these LPTC Rules!

If you do not accept them then please do NOT attend LPTC.

Please do not phone reception with questions about our policies.
They are clearly explained below.

We thank everyone for complying with our LPTC rules during these very trying times.

1. Reasoning behind our LPTC Rules

  • We are doing everything we can to comply with Gov rules while also respecting our staff and customers wishes :-

- We are in constant contact with Service NSW about what we can and cannot do.
- We have had several discussions with local Police regarding our rights and the rights of our customers at LPTC.
- We have been in contact with the local state MP regarding what we can and cannot do.
So our policies are based on all that advice rather than our own interpretation of the rules.

2. Failure to comply with our LPTC Rules

  • LPTC staff are authorised to ask any person to immediately comply with LPTC restrictions outlined below, and failure of customers to follow such requests will be asked to immediately leave the LPTC facility or the Police will be called.

3. On Courts at LPTC


- Even if you are otherwise entitled to exercise with family members or households etc, or you are fully vaccinated, etc;
- This policy is in place based on the advice outlined above in the section titled "Reasoning behind our LPTC Rules".

  • The NSW Gov statements on Monday September 27 give us hope that we can allow doubles play from October 11, but that is yet to be confirmed so at this stage please do NOT book courts assuming you can play doubles.

- The moment we have it confirmed that doubles are permitted we will change this restriction at LPTC.

4. The LPTC Building

  • Our building is CLOSED to the public.

- IE Our Reception, Shop, Toilets, etc, are all closed to the public.

  • You can still purchase items such as Tennis Balls via a "Click & Collect" service. Just go online Here and you can pick up the goods at LPTC.
  • The NSW Gov statements on Monday September 27 give us hope that we can open the reception and pro shop and amenities to the fully vaccinated public (please remember this is NOT our rule) from October 11.

- We will apply this change at LPTC as soon as it is confirmed by Service NSW that we can do so.

5. Making Bookings at LPTC

  • Must be done Online or by Phone 9371 7122.

- All payment must be via Credit or Debit Card online or over the phone.

  • There is NO Racquet Hire or Ball Hire at the moment.

6. LPTC Programs & Events

- All LPTC events are currently cancelled until such time as we can be 100% certain they can proceed without breaking any covid restrictions.
- Please refer to the webpage for each program(via the menu bar) to see what is happening.
- We will re-commence programs as soon as Service NSW confirms we can do so.