Updated Feb 12, 2021

1. All LPTC Patrons

- Anyone unwell should NOT attend LPTC.
- LPTC staff are authorised to ask any person to immediately leave LPTC if they believe the person is not conforming with Gov and LPTC COVID Restrictions.

2. On Courts at LPTC

  • Under the Gov covid policies., tennis players and tennis coaches are not required to wear a face mask while on court.

- Social distancing should be maintained at all times.

3. Inside the LPTC clubhouse

  • Reception & toilets are open.

- Please do not wait inside for any reason other than to be served at reception.
- Maximum of 24 people are allowed in the reception/lounge are at any one point in time.

4. Making Bookings at LPTC

  • We encourage everyone to book online

- Bookings can also be made over the phone or at reception.

5. Most Programs at LPTC are on.

- Please refer to the webpage for each program to see what is happening.