Terms & Conditions

LPTC General

  • LPTC has the legal right to deny anyone entry and/or instruct anyone to immediately leave the LPTC facility at any time.
  • Anyone refusing to comply with our T&C's will be asked by LPTC authorised personnel to immediately leave the LPTC facility; and if the people refuse then the Police will be called immediately.

The LPTC COVID Policy.

  • This LPTC Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions so please comply.

LPTC Court Hire

  • LPTC will only accept bookings with full payment. No payment = no booking.
  • Bookings can be made Online or via Reception 93717122
  • Scroll down for "Wet Weather", "Cancelations" (this includes moving a booking), and Coaching.

LPTC Wet Weather

  • If in doubt,: please Phone Reception on 93717122 and ask about the weather conditions at LPTC.
  • If your court is actually unplayable then your booking will be deleted and you will be provided with a full credit (It might take up to 24hrs to process).

LPTC Court Hire Cancelations

  • More than 24 hours notice prior to the start time of a booking. You will receive a full Credit on your LPTC Profile Account for the cost of the booking being canceled.
  • Less than 24 hours notice prior to the start time of a booking. You will not receive a credit or refund. NOTE It is 24 hours, not just the day before.

How to Cancel a Booking Outside the 24 hrs
Option 1 = Online and then click “view my current bookings” link (under the calendar on the right), and . . .
Option 2 = Phone Reception on 93717122
Within the 24hrs.
Please phone Reception on 93717122 if you believe there are extenuating circumstances.

Coaching on LPTC Courts

  • Casual Court Hirers are NOT permitted to conduct any coaching, of any form, on LPTC Courts.
  • Coaching on LPTC courts can only be provided by LPTC Approved Coaches; and people having lessons with LPTC Approved Coaches are customers of that coach, so they should deal directly with the coach.